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Baby Gender Reveal Scratch-Off + Printable

by | DIY, Printables

I am over a month late on this news, but really, I guess I’m not considered late until the baby is born.  That’s right, we’re having baby #2, in case you missed it earlier.  I figured I could just say “It’s a !”.  But that would be boring and make for a very short blog post.  So, here’s a little something for everyone.  I got to do a little design work, and you get a fun free printable!

Gender Reveal Scratch-off Printable | One Dog Woof

I had wanted to do an online scratch-off to satisfy the techni-nerd in me, but couldn’t find a widget or program that was fun and cute (and I’m not good enough to write one), so I resorted to a brick-n-mortar solution.  My inspiration came from Etsy, and although I love my cards, the ones available for purchase are awfully cute too!

These cards are designed to be made into scratch-off cards, which seem to be increasing in popularity these days.  There’s 2 separate designs you can choose from, a bee or a stork, so it’s appropriately gender-neutral, and there’s either a blue heart or a pink heart hidden underneath the scratch-off.  Although I’ve told most of my friends already, here’s the color of the heart for our upcoming bundle of joy!

Gender Reveal Scratch-off Printable

The pink heart is small, but it gets the point across.

For the scratch-off itself, there are a couple of different ways to make them yourself, and all of the methods are documented fairly well on Pinterest.  Some say to mix a solution of paint and dishwashing detergent; to pre-wax the area before painting, or use contact paper to cover the scratch-off area.  I found one tip that suggested the dishwashing detergent was not necessary.  Since that seemed the easiest to pull off, that’s the one I decided to test.


clear contact paper + paint.


1. Paint the front side of the clear contact paper.  I used basic acrylic paint in black, because I didn’t have gray, and yellow didn’t have enough coverage.

2. Cut out the shape you want out of the paint-covered contact paper.  I would suggest a circle punch for a cleaner shape.

3. Peel the contact paper and stick it over the area you want covered.

Pinterest Test Results

I found the paint a bit difficult to scratch-off, and I’m thinking maybe the detergent gives it a bit of slickness to help with the removal of the paint.  The contact paper idea is brilliant though.

Gender Reveal Scratch-off
a Girl, a Girl, a Girl!

So here you go, 4 different printables for you to use!  Please only take these for personal use, and do not reprint or redistribute them commercially or otherwise.  Also, please do not sell finished items using these printables.  I’d really hate to see my PDFs copied, printed and floating homeless on the internet.


I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Rachel

    Awww, congratulations! A little girl! Love the scratch-off printable, it is so cute.

  2. The Bean Sprout Notes

    Congrats! Little girls are so much fun 🙂 The printables are adorable

  3. Tara @ Suburble

    Congratulations! Girls are a blast! (Though be warned: there’s a smidge of drama coming your way)

    Your scratch cards are fantastic! I love this idea!

  4. Diana Miller

    Congratulations!! So exciting! And what a great printable! 🙂 XO

  5. Michelle Rumpz

    Congratulations! Little girls are such a joy. The printable are so cute!

  6. Kirsten Thompson

    What a sweet idea! SO cute, I love this. And CONGRATS on your little girl 🙂

  7. Justine

    Congrats! So exciting!! Girls are a lot of fun (although most of them come with attitude,haha). I’m sure your lil man will love having a sister!

  8. Crystal

    Congratulations!! This idea is too cute and fun!! I love that you scratch off to see the color of the heart. Love it!! Congratulations again!!

  9. meet.make.laugh.

    Congratulations! A girl is so exciting! 🙂 ~Stephanie

  10. Lauren Lanker

    This is really a lot of fun! And congrats on your little girl on the way. Oh, the froofy outfits you can buy…. 😉

    The Thinking Closet

  11. Kim M

    Congratulations~ and totally adorable! 🙂

  12. Hoyby Crafts

    These are so cute! I am printing all of them for future use, haha! I would love for you to follow my blog Thanks for the awesome printables and ideas, and congrats on your upcoming addition! Girls are sooo much fun!!!

  13. Sandie

    Congratulations! And what a cute way to announce it! 🙂

  14. Britt

    These are so adorable, thank you! We’re using them to mail to family & friends – already getting tons of compliments! Thank you so much for sharing these! 🙂

  15. ChiWei

    Britt, that is SO great to hear! It’s always fun to share my crafts, but way better when someone uses them – I so happy they came in handy for you. And congrats!

  16. Morgan

    If these cards are printed four to a page, how large of a paper punch circle would be needed to make the scratch off? Congratulations on your little girl! My husband and I are planning to use these to announce the gender of our baby!

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