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Baby Cloth Shoes Pattern with Silhouette Cut File

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You’d think with an adorable baby girl at home, I’d be making adorable baby girl clothes and accessories for her like crazy, but no, she’s actually been wearing a lot of blue hand-me-downs from her brother. So before our trip to Taiwan, I finally sat myself down and made her a pair of baby cloth shoes to go with all the cute outfits I was packing for the trip.  I’m also sharing a Silhouette cut file for the pattern to make your life easier, so you’re not trying to finish this project at the last minute like I was, 24 hours before leaving for the airport…

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

I’ve looked at and tried to follow several different instruction sets on how to make these shoes, and the one I finally used is here. The instructions include a printable pattern at the end, but it’s only set for 0-6 months. Which is great, except when your baby has big feet. And when your baby grows.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

To solve that little problem, I used a cloth shoe pattern from here, altered it to fit my little girl’s feet, and saved it as an adjustable Silhouette cut file so I didn’t have to print and resize and reprint in order to get a pattern for the right size. Although the website says to leave a 3/4″ allowance, I actually adjusted the file to give me a bit more because my sewing isn’t that great.  I scaled the pattern in Silhoutte Studio and had the machine cut out the pattern from plain white cardstock.  Then I traced the pattern onto the different fabrics I was using.  Yay for no scissors and yay for making the process of trial and error so much less stressful!  ( I scaled and cut out 3 different versions of the pattern before I liked one enough to cut fabric from it.)

Click HERE to download the Baby Cloth Shoes Pattern Silhoutte Cut File.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

Once the pattern is cut out, I followed the instructions from Great Turtle to assemble the shoe. I also added a little button on the side for high fashion.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

Would you believe it? LM outgrew these shoes on the trip. I tried to fit it over socks, but she was not having any of that. I could barely stuff her chunkers in to them! So now, they’re a little memento of our trip and a reminder that yes, my babies were really once that small!

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

This is the second project I’ve made with this fabric.  The first was this bow tie and suspender set for my son a few years ago.  So hey, look at that – the same fabric works for both a boy and a girl!



These baby shoes would also make great baby shower gifts – imagine the oohing and aahing that would ensue when these beauties were pulled out of the gift bag.  Here are a few other unique baby shower gift ideas:

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  1. Catherine Marie

    Would you have the pattern available in a pdf? I bought a pattern like this one years ago that I loved. Now I have a surprise little one but no longer have the pattern. Yours is the closest I’ve found to the one I loved before!!

  2. Kidi

    do you have the tutorial link you used to assemble the booties?

  3. Dani

    I would also be interested in a jpg or pdf pattern. They look lovely.


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