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Baby Cloth Shoes Pattern with Silhouette Cut File

by | DIY, Kids

You’d think with an adorable baby girl at home, I’d be making adorable baby girl clothes and accessories for her like crazy, but no, she’s actually been wearing a lot of blue hand-me-downs from her brother. So before our trip to Taiwan, I finally sat myself down and made her a pair of baby cloth shoes to go with all the cute outfits I was packing for the trip.  I’m also sharing a Silhouette cut file for the pattern to make your life easier, so you’re not trying to finish this project at the last minute like I was, 24 hours before leaving for the airport…

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

I’ve looked at and tried to follow several different instruction sets on how to make these shoes, and the one I finally used is here. The instructions include a printable pattern at the end, but it’s only set for 0-6 months. Which is great, except when your baby has big feet. And when your baby grows.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

To solve that little problem, I used a cloth shoe pattern from here, altered it to fit my little girl’s feet, and saved it as an adjustable Silhouette cut file so I didn’t have to print and resize and reprint in order to get a pattern for the right size. Although the website says to leave a 3/4″ allowance, I actually adjusted the file to give me a bit more because my sewing isn’t that great.  I scaled the pattern in Silhoutte Studio and had the machine cut out the pattern from plain white cardstock.  Then I traced the pattern onto the different fabrics I was using.  Yay for no scissors and yay for making the process of trial and error so much less stressful!  ( I scaled and cut out 3 different versions of the pattern before I liked one enough to cut fabric from it.)

Click HERE to download the Baby Cloth Shoes Pattern Silhoutte Cut File.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

Once the pattern is cut out, I followed the instructions from Great Turtle to assemble the shoe. I also added a little button on the side for high fashion.

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

Would you believe it? LM outgrew these shoes on the trip. I tried to fit it over socks, but she was not having any of that. I could barely stuff her chunkers in to them! So now, they’re a little memento of our trip and a reminder that yes, my babies were really once that small!

Baby Cloth Shoes with Silhouette Cut File |

This is the second project I’ve made with this fabric.  The first was this bow tie and suspender set for my son a few years ago.  So hey, look at that – the same fabric works for both a boy and a girl!



These baby shoes would also make great baby shower gifts – imagine the oohing and aahing that would ensue when these beauties were pulled out of the gift bag.  Here are a few other unique baby shower gift ideas:

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  1. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    Um…are you even for real right now? I can’t get over how out of this world amazing this creation is…and the fact you cut the fabric with your Silhouette…and that it’s scalable…oh, and your photos? They’re breathtakingly beautiful.

    Just proud to say I “know” you, ChiWei.

  2. ChiWei

    Haha, thanks Lauren! Actually, I didn’t cut the fabric with the Silhouette, I cut the pattern from cardstock and traced it to fabric. The sole is fleece bonded so I wouldn’t expect the Silhouette to cut through that. But it was great because LM’s feet were too fat for the original pattern, so I had to widen the sole, and of course, Silhouette makes it easier than me freehanding it!

  3. ChiWei

    You’re welcome!

  4. ChiWei

    Thanks Mandy!

  5. ChiWei

    Thank you so much!

  6. Alexis @ Persia Lou

    This is so great, ChiWei! Love the idea of a scalable, cuttable pattern. It makes it so easy to make these adorable little shoes! If you have a second to link up to The Makers part over on my blog, I would be so happy. 🙂

  7. Teri S

    Saw these on your Facebook, just had to check out the cuteness. So darling!!! You’ve got a new follower!

  8. Kara

    These are precious, ChiWei!!

  9. Melanie

    These are so cute!

  10. ChiWei

    Thanks Melanie!

  11. ChiWei

    Thank you Kara!

  12. ChiWei

    So happy you stopped by! Thanks bunches!

  13. ChiWei

    I hear ya! I was all about the dogs and monkeys and cars and trucks for a while, but man, girl stuff is just sooo much cuter.

  14. ChiWei

    Ha, thanks Meredith!

  15. ChiWei

    Necessity inspires invention I guess 🙂 I couldn’t keep redrawing the pattern and the baby wouldn’t be still long enough for me to even measure her feet!

  16. Sky

    Girl, you are ON FIRE around here, lately! your creations and photos and style and all just really amazing 🙂 So, so cute- love the fabric you chose.

  17. Diana

    Your daughter’s shoes are darling and brilliant idea on making a scalable pattern!

  18. mrs vee makes

    These are adorable and look quite easy to make! Thanks for sharing:)

  19. Sara @ Mama's Therapy

    These are sooo cute! I can’t wait to make them as a baby gift.

  20. ChiWei

    Thank you Sara!

  21. ChiWei

    Thanks Rachel! I don’t mind the outgrowing of the shoes – the Silhouette pattern makes it easy for me to size it up to make more as she grows, especially when she starts walking. These tiny ones are cute just because they’re tiny 🙂

  22. ChiWei

    Thank you! Yup, even I can make them, amateur sew-er than I am (I won’t even designate myself as a seamstress – that implies more skill than I have!)

  23. ChiWei

    Thanks Diana! Scalable is great, now I can keep making more as she gets bigger 🙂

  24. ChiWei

    Aww, thanks Sky! I really love this fabric too, I’ll have to go find more, I’m down to scraps!

  25. Nancy

    This is so great–and it’s like you read my mind! I have been searching for a pattern to make some of these for my new little baby on the way. Thanks!

  26. Peggy

    So, you make them blue with a little truck or dinosaur on them!!

  27. Jess

    So I’m a newbie sewer and not afraid to admit it…but…these directions scare me. Is it as difficult as it looks? LOL

  28. ChiWei

    Hey Jess,

    It’s not the easiest project if you’re uncomfortable with a sewing machine, just because there’s curves and the seam allowance is a bit small. But if you follow step by step carefully, you can do it!

  29. dianna

    i have attempted 8 times to try to download the cute baby cloth shoes pattern. but sadly all i receive is a blank . can you help me ? i need a pattern for a baby shower in 2 weeks. any help would be greatly appreciated. oh when i tried each time i received a notice pop up that the site has a flaw.

  30. Christy

    I’m trying to get it to download but it’s not available anymore

  31. dj

    not sure what i am doing wrong but cannot get the file to download and open. can you help ? could you email me the pattern ?

  32. Catherine Marie

    Would you have the pattern available in a pdf? I bought a pattern like this one years ago that I loved. Now I have a surprise little one but no longer have the pattern. Yours is the closest I’ve found to the one I loved before!!

  33. Kidi

    do you have the tutorial link you used to assemble the booties?

  34. Dani

    I would also be interested in a jpg or pdf pattern. They look lovely.

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