WW: Eating My Way Through Taiwan, Pt.1


My Wordless Wednesdays are never truly wordless, just less words.  Oh well.  Here’s some pics from my recent trip to Taiwan!


Jetlagged but hungry.


Sushi, or rather, sashimi.  Whatever.  It was about as fresh as you’re gonna get.


Remember the fish above?  Once we finished the sashimi, they took the fish back and made miso soup.


There’s not a lot of fresh milk available on a little island like Taiwan, so there’s a lot of powdered milk to make up for it.  An entire aisle of it.


Oh, the writing utensil bonanza.  This was 1 out of 3 aisles in a small neighborhood shop. One of the aisles was completely devoted to dry erase markers.  Seriously.  I think this one is all sharpies.


I walk upstairs from the writing implements explosion and I find craft supplies galore!  Sewing notions for under a dollar, beautiful cardstock for even less.


Asian burritos, at a random road side stand.


The high speed train we took to visit my grandmother.  At one point, it said we were traveling at 279km/hr.  Conversion to miles is left to the reader.


All you can eat hot pot.  Aka stuff yer face until you explode.


And a few from Instagram (@1dogwoof)

me = happy camper


Clockwise from that pointy thing in the back: Rose Apples, Kumquats (almost hidden), Guava, mutant Starfruit with 7 spikes instead of the usual 5, regular starfruit, and giant Persimmon.


Hungry yet?  I am…off to look for a snack.

Stay tuned next week for my adventures at Taipei 101!



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  1. says

    Oh wow, what fabulous pictures. I’ve never before thought about travelling to Taiwan, but these pictures make me want to. So glad you got to eat your fill, lol.


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