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So, it’s getting on towards summer here, and even though it’s still a bit cold, wedding season is upon us.  I’m heading to a wedding this weekend, in fact, so I thought I’d share a couple of aspects about my wedding, waaaay back in the day, in 2007!

There’s really no rhyme or reason to the order of my posts, no pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, etc.  It’ll just be what I remember from a very busy day!  To start off, I’ll be sharing what I wore that day, especially since Absolute Mommy is having a linky party to celebrate all wonderful outfits we girls have worn to and at weddings.


One Dog Woof: What I Wore


The most important aspect of our wedding was the food (no surprise there), so the dress was important, but not overwhelmingly so.  I did not go to Kleinfeld in the city, and I didn’t even try on a lot of options.  My first dress shopping trip was to a little boutique where I found a beautiful dress for $2700.  Beautiful.  But expensive.  Then there was a feisty little number with orange accents and an orange bustle on the bum that looked…interesting.  I went home thinking about that one dress, but the enginerd in me kicked in.  I realized that I really REALLY wanted to wear (fit into) one of the dresses my mom wore when she got married – a white qipao.  Since the wedding will be approximately 8 hours, and some time will be spent in a different dress, I really couldn’t justify spending that much money on my wedding dress.  I knew the anal retentive little monster in me would think about how much I was spending per minute..  Can you say DORK?! (or how about scrooge?!)  And this is only because I just didn’t care as much about the dress.  Let me tell you, I wasn’t calculating how much my food was costing me per minute, that was just “bring on the best”!  But I’ll wax poetic about that in another post.



Ok, that was a lot of really random and probably unnecessary information for you!  Anyways, I ended up getting my dress at David’s Bridal.  I considered a tight fitting dress, but since the qipao was already going to be skin tight, I thought “why not?” and went all princess-y.  Once in a lifetime, you know?  When else are you going to wear a ballgown stiff enough to stand on its own?


Since I was on a princess kick, I chose a long veil and got it on ebay for $30.  I lent it to my friend for her wedding, then sold it back on ebay for about the same price, so that was a GREAT deal!

One Dog Woof: Long Veil


Now, the qipao, that was an important aspect of the wedding for me, to wear my mother’s dress.  I had to have it opened slightly in the neck and arm holes (my neck is thick?), but otherwise, I wore it as is.  I’m so glad I was able to add that little bit of history into my special day, since we didn’t really do any other traditional Chinese customs.

One Dog Woof: My mother's qipao


As for accessories, I had white wedges to walk on the grass for the ceremony, silver heels for the qipao and white slippers ($1 each from Queens!) for when I gave up on the heels.


I had my hair done at a local salon, and also did my own makeup.  The original idea was to save some money by not hiring a makeup artist, but I ended up splurging on a lot of MAC gear instead!


My “old” was the qipao.  The “new” was the wedding gown.  I borrowed a small diamond necklace and earring set from a good friend, and the blue – well, let’s just say it no one saw that!

What did you, or will you, wear on your wedding day?  I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. says

    you looked gorg and your bouquet is amazing! congrats on making it to the five year mark. we got married in 2007 as well. saying hi from the link-up!

  2. says

    What a great post! I love your dresses and that you got to wear your mom’s dress–in which you look absolutely stunning, btw! I’m with you; I could have never justified spending that much on a dress you wear for a few hours anyway! I’m sure you’re keeping your mom’s dress, you sold the veil, so what did you do with the princess dress?

  3. says

    You look so beautiful!! And you and your buddy look happy :)

    I’d love to do a post about my wedding day…maybe I’ll get around to it someday haha

    <3 Jamie

  4. says

    You are beautiful in both dresses and I am absolutely with you on not being able to justify the expense of a one time/8hr dress! I wore a dress borrowed from my best friend and my veil was hand made by me. That was 44yrs ago and believe me when I say we are just as married as if it had cost a million bucks!!! Your moms dress is just so special, she must have been so touched.

  5. says

    Chiwei, I’m in love with your wedding gown and your mother’s qipao! They are simply beautiful! You, as well, were a gorgeous bride! What an honor to be able to wear your mother’s dress. I adore traditions like that.

  6. says

    Loved this post! What a great idea, I might steal it! (the wedding:what I wore post idea) Both your dresses were gorgeous! and your bouquet was beautiful too. I loved how you wanted to incoporate your moms dress, I am totally into sentimental stuff like that! I too got married in 2007 so my 5 yr anniversary is comin up, I might have to do a post like this for it. Thanks!


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