Washi Tape Tea Lights


I’ve made some pretty quick and easy crafts, but this may be the easiest and quickest craft EVER.  I’m not sure it even counts as a craft, since it’s just tape.  I haven’t used washi tape very often, but am definitely like it more, especially after getting this lovely package in the mail from Marilyn and finding $1 Valentine’s washi at Target, so I decided to make these ridiculously simple washi tape tea lights.

Washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

Since the washi tape I found at Target was geared towards Valentine’s Day, I figured this could be an easy way to dress up our dining table for the big day.  Hubby and I aren’t really into celebrating V-day, although we did get engaged on Valentine’s.  Go figure.  This year, I imagine we’ll be staying home as usual, juggling an early bedtime for the baby and fighting a crazy toddler who won’t eat dinner.  But, maybe we’ll make something special for dinner, and light a few of these decorated tea lights for a little romance amidst the chaos!

Washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

I picked up this cute strawberry tape in Taiwan – makes for a fun tea light!

washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

And these can maybe lend some sophistication to a dining table covered with crayons, unsorted mail and superhero temporary tattoos.

washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

I had a bunch of tea lights and rolls of tape scattered about in order to take photos that morning, and J came in to see what Mommy was up to.

washi tape teal ights | www.1dogwoof.com

Washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

He decided the tea lights would make great “cupcakes”, so he started prepping for a party….

washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com

… and baked us some stacked “mini-cakes”.  Yum!

washi tape tea lights make great tea party cakes! | www.1dogwoof.com

So, I guess even if you’re not using the tea lights for a dinner party, they’re great for a pretend tea party!

washi tape tea lights | www.1dogwoof.com


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    ChiWei I’m glad you got your package! Isn’t washi tape amazing…..you can simply and easily update an item in no time! Here’s to creating with washi!


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