Random Nothings of Busy Week


Hmm, I don’t remember the last time I posted, but it’s probably been a while.  It’s been a busy week or two, so I haven’t done much crafting, since I’ve pretty much just acted like a vegetable once my butt hit the couch at the end of the day, watching reruns of Indiana Jones on tv.

We’ve been playing in our yard, ripping out offending shrubs, planting new ones, weeding, growing grass, sorting out the raised vegetable bed situation, attempting a little firepit action, and tossing back the steroids to fight a ridiculous sensitivity to poison ivy.  We bought 3 new trees, one to replace the one that split in last year’s hurricane, and 2 more just because.  I’m a big fan of edible landscaping, so fruit trees were definitely the way to go!  There’s one native Meader Persimmon, and 2 Asian pear trees – a Shinko and Shinseiki.  The difference?  No clue.  They are all about 5 to 7 feet, and the guy at the nursery said they’ll fruit this year.  That is, if me and my black thumb don’t kill them first!



When we haven’t been outside getting dirty, we got cleaned up a bit.  Drew and I enjoyed an evening with good friends at a wedding, getting all dressed up, complete with calamine lotion.



Isabel got groomed (!) for the first time in her life!  No, she hasn’t been a completely dirty dog; we used to groom her ourselves, but it’s gotten harder and we’ve gotten lazier with a baby roaming the house.  I mean, wow! check out her now rabbit-like paws.  You’d think she was a show dog…no, not really.



Oh, and in case you happen to notice a slight increase of quality in my photos, it’s all because of my new lens, not because of any special talent that I may have sprouted overnight.  Drew bought me a new Canon lens, something like a 35mm, f/2…whatever that really means.  I am not one to talk about cameras and the science behind them, but I know that I can have more depth in my photos, capture more light because of a larger aperture and have a faster shutter speed.  Read that as “more pictures of a growing toddler”!  Now the pressure is on to learn Adobe Lightroom (sitting on my bookshelf right now) and build a light box.  Someday, someday.



We’ve got another busy week ahead, with my in-laws coming to visit, a plant sale, more lofty ambitions for the landscaping, and a custom crochet order!  Oh yeah, and Mother’s Day!

Have a wonderful and productive week!



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