Pain, Faith, and Hope: Some Heavy Stuff


I don’t normally write about my faith, as in, I have not yet written about my faith, but I am going to try to share a bit of the deep stuff today.

I read Vanessa’s guest post on Simply Klassic Home last week, and the one line that really got to me was this:

Will you allow the pain to deepen your relationship with God and with others?

I had just gotten some bad news about my dad, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I felt overwhelmed and scared and faced with a future that I didn’t ever want to face.  I felt alone, and didn’t know to whom to turn.  Prayer seemed empty and just not enough.  I wished that I had a strong church family to support my family in prayer, for a brother or sister in Christ to talk to about my fears.

I’ve been a bit of a prodigal daughter, not having gone to church in several years, and this news strengthened my resolve to get going already (and to *finally* check off a resolution)!  God is talking to me; He is making His presence known.  He is testing me and my family, yet also allowing me a chance to come home, to rekindle my relationship with Him.


I spent some time talking to a good friend of mine and found a kindred spirit.  I found in myself a desire to share my thoughts on faith and the wondrous things God has done in my life.  I discovered an aspect of my friend that I hadn’t known before, and it has brought us closer.

Last Sunday, I went to the church for the first time in years.  I was scared of judgment, I was embarrassed, I was nervous at meeting new people.  But it turned out so well!  I met with the pastor and found someone with whom I can share my fears and my hopes.  Surprisingly, I have also gotten back in touch with people from whom I had distanced myself due to life’s little dramas.  I felt awkward, but also joyful and full of hope at a chance to rekindle relationships with past friends as well as with God.

So yes, there is pain.  But there is also hope.


Did I mention He is making His presence known to me?  From blog posts to daily verses on my Kindle, to good friends and new friends and new old friends, God really does work in mysterious and miraculous ways!

There is so much to be thankful for!  For the wonderful treatment my father has received, for all of our friends’ and families’ and strangers’ support through this time, for another chance to welcome God into my life.

My father is undergoing surgery and I pray for his health, for strength and for faith.  I pray that the doctors are guided by a higher hand, that they do their jobs to the best of their ability.  If you are of the spiritual sort, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers!




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  1. says

    I am glad you have again found your connection with God and found a church family that you can be a part of. May your father be at rest as he goes through the medical treatment he needs. May god be with you both.

  2. says

    Beautifully said. I can SO relate to this! In fact, that verse in Isaiah has been my mantra lately. God bestows a crown of beauty where ashes once were (Isaiah 61:3). I’ve been going through some junk in my personal life and I keep saying that God is going to make it be for His glory and it’ll be part of a mighty testimony of His faithfulness. Stand strong in the knowledge that God’s word does not return to us void!!

    Praying for you and your father!!

  3. says

    Praying for you and your family. So glad to hear that your relationship with Christ is growing stronger. Sometimes, if not for the pain we would miss out on the blessings.

  4. Miss ladybug says

    I don’t think that God is testing you , I used to think that way too when there would be one hurdle to get over after another.
    But during the last few years, I find my faith has become much stronger and I am a lot more at peace with my life and everyone around me . And I think that this has happened because it was my time to realize that there was someone missing in my life , although I continued to go too church regularly I had not felt the need to try and know God better until I came to the realization that he was who was missing !
    So I know now that he wasn’t testing me he was asking me to give my pain and suffering to him and to let him take care of me . Now I know that God is my savior and always has been but I lost faith for awhile and thought I could handle it all on my own , now I know better and for that I am so grateful !


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