No-Slip Toddler Socks


One of the gazillion Christmas presents given to J this year was a pair of incredibly cute polar bear socks, with paw prints on the feet and a parade of polar bears around the ankles.  But with the hardwood floors in our house and the way Josh likes to just throw his body forward (hoping his feet will follow), there have been many a crash and burn due to the lack of traction on his socks.  So, I added some real “paw prints” on the bottom, with puffy paint!

And you know what’s so great about this?  It’s a project I can do while he’s awake, since it only takes the amount of time he’s able to be distracted. (about 5 minutes)

I added some swiggles on a pair of Robeez socks as well.  I love these socks since they have these elastic bands around the ankles, preventing little hands from ripping them off little feet, but I was a little disappointed when I found out they didn’t have traction dots on the bottom.  Now I no longer have that problem!



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    For reals? Just puffy paint? My 1 year old slips and slides everywhere when there’s no traction on her socks. So simple! Thanks for figuring it out! Stopping by way of Sew Stylish’s linky party features.

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