Mom, I Love You Pop Up Cards with Free Silhouette Cut Files


You, like me, might have seen a picture of an “i {heart} you” pop up card floating around on the Internet. I even pinned it to my Paper Crafts board.  But I decided to change it up a bit and make it on my Silhouette instead of cutting it out by hand.  And since I can’t let a good thing go, I also made a Mother’s Day card to go with it.  So, today I’m sharing the free Silhouette cut files for my “Mom, I Love You” pop up cards!

Mom and I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

Go ahead, pin the image below.  You know you want to, and I’d love for you to share this post on your social media outlets!  Of course, the “mom” card is appropriate for right around now with Mother’s Day coming up, but the “i {heart} you” card can be used for all sorts of occasions, year-round.  We’re sending these to our moms this year…which reminds me, I should probably get these in the mail!

Mom, I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files for free download |

There’s nothing special you need to do with the Silhouette file – no print and cut, no double cut, no switching of blade depths.  I’ve included which lines are perforated so one pass is all you need.  Cut it out on plain cardstock, then back it up against colored or patterned  cardstock of your choice.

Mom and I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

The dimensions for each card are as follows:

“i {heart} u” card:

  • Inner card: 5″ x 7.5″, which when folded = 5″ x 3.75″.
  • Outer card (full card size): 5.5″ x 8.5″, which when folded = 5.5″ x 4.25″.
  • Fits in an A2 envelope, which is 5.75″ x 4.375″.

“mom” card:

  • Inner card: 6.75″ x 9″, which when folded = 6.75″ x 4.5″.
  • Outer card (full card size: 7″ x 10″, which when folded = 7″ x 5″.
  • Fits in an A7 envelope, which is 7.25″ x 5.25″.

Mom and I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

After the card is cut, peel it off your mat carefully, and remove the little bits of cut-outs.  Fold along the perforated lines to “pop out” the letters.  You should be able to fold the card in half along the center fold.

Mom and I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

Then, just assemble with glue or tape to your outer card.  I’ve also included a cut-out heart in each cut file that you can use for the outside of the card, so it’s not super plain.  But that’s completely up to you.  You can decorate the front (and back) any way you’d like.

Mom and I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

You can download the cut files here:

“i {heart} u” card

“mom” card

[A little fine print: Please use these cut files for personal use only and not for any commercial purposes.  ]

If you don’t have a Silhouette (I know what that’s like), here are the images in PDF form.  You’ll need to print it out, then cut on the solid lines, and fold on the dotted lines.

“i {heart} u” card PDF image

“mom” card PDF image

And one more set – the SVG files:

“i {heart} u” card SVG format

“mom” card SVG format

Mom, I Love You pop up cards with Silhouette cut files |

I’m really loving paper crafting and having a Silhouette makes things so much more fun!  I hope your loved ones enjoy these cards as much as I did making them!


(This post contains affliate links – by purchasing through my affliate links, I receive an itty bitty commission that helps me buy more supplies to make more fun stuff to share.  Cycle of crafting..)


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  1. says

    Wowzers! I LOVE these cards and your photography is beautiful! I just grabbed the studio files (thank you!) and will be sharing the link to your awesome blog (and tutorial) on Silhouette School’s Facebook page later today. I know my readers will love them as much as I do. – Melissa

  2. Karen Chartier says

    I am not fortunate enough to have a cutting machine. Can you post a pattern that I can cut myself? Thanks!

  3. Tiffany says

    Hi! LOVE these cards! Any chance they can be made in SVG format? I have SCAL and can’t convert .studio files. :(

      • Tiffany says

        THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!!! :) I was trying to figure out how to make these in SCAL and just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. These are going to be my mother’s day cards this year! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :)

  4. Connie says

    Hi, what program will open up the cut file downloads? I’m really new to this. Thanks, Connie

  5. says

    Awesome! I’m going to use the I love you for my husband for our anniversary (which is on mother’s day this year) and the Mom one for my mom. :) Love that it pops up! Thank you for the file!

  6. says

    I made this for my mom for mother’s day and she loved loved loved it!
    Will you, by chance, be making a pop up card for dad’s? My mom wanted me to make one for my dad as well, but I had to admit that i had just borrowed your file and not created it all on my own.

  7. Kimberly says

    I was looking to do something new for the mothers in my life. My family, we buy cards every year making one with a touch of love would be so much better.

  8. Crissy says

    i don’t know if you realize, but the MOM is reversible so the dashes don’t show. however the “i <3 U" is not reversible and the dash line does show. would be nicer if image could be reversed so lines don't show.

  9. Karissa says

    LOVE these!!! I was wondering if you could you make one that says Nana for my kiddos to make for my mother this year? Thank you for sharing!

  10. Prarthana says

    I was looking for Mother’s Day card ideas and I’m so glad I found your fabulous cards. Thank you so much. Love from India. :)


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