House Number Door Wreath for Spring!


I think most of my girl friends have now been sucked into the black hole that is Pinterest, and inevitably, we start socializing on each other’s boards.  Lara pinned this picture of a wreath with door numbers.  One of my other friends, Kristal, commented that this could be a good craft day project.  The craft day never happened – does it ever?  How does one get together with one’s girl friends, without kids or husbands, for several hours during the day, to do nothing but eat, drink and make stuff?  Anywho, even though the craft day didn’t happen, the wreath turned into my House Number Door Wreath!

One Dog Woof: House Number Door Wreath

The original inspiration was made with silk flowers and painted wooden numbers, but I tried to “craft it up” a bit by making felt flowers instead.  If you were my mom, you’d say something along the lines of “why make more work for yourself?!  It’s so complicated!”, but it enabled me to:

1. try my hand at making some of the beautiful felt flowers on Pinterest,
2. learn that my fabric scissors gives me a heck of a blister on my thumb knuckle,
3. realize that cutting about 60+ of these felt flowers is great lap activity to do while watching Hunt for Red October during J’s nap!

We also used real metal door numbers from Home Depot, since Michaels was conveniently out of the number 2 and the number 0.  Of course, right?

One Dog Woof: House Number Wreath

Here’s a short picture tutorial for the big floofy white and blue flowers.

One Dog Woof: Big Poofy Foofy Felt Flower
One Dog Woof: Large Felt Flower

I followed this tutorial for the yellow flower.

One Dog Woof: Felt flowers on door wreath
One Dog Woof: Felt Flower House Number Wreath

There’s really not a whole lot more I can say about this. I hot glued all the flower pieces onto the twig wreath, and the numbers were just inserted into the twig tangle using the screws that came with them.  It didn’t take a lot of time (other than cutting out felt pieces and blowing through a handful of bandaids for my thumb), and was super simple to make.  I think the flowers and the bright colors really make this a perfectly FUN and PRACTICAL spring project!

What do you think?


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  1. says

    The colors are perfect and the flowers are adorable! The metal numbers are so unique! Love, love, love it!

  2. says

    I LOVE IT CHIWEI you know that! I just didn’t want to post a picture before the ARTIST. Sorabh and Janice are in love with it too. We are so grateful and you have inspired us to paint the door asap so we can better showcase your work 😉

  3. says

    I love this design. I saw your eggs on It’s Overflowing. I am taking part in the Easter Egg Hunt too, in eager anticipation of seeing my egg design appear. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, so am following via GFC. Would love it if you wanted to visit sometime.


  4. says

    Fellow participant and visiting from the Easter Egg Hunt! I love how your eggs turned out and the colors! New follower, cute blog!

  5. says

  6. says

    So cute! Love the flowers and it looks great with the numbers! Love it!!

    [email protected] Full of Pink

  7. says

    Stopping by from Simply Klassic Sunday. I love this! What a great idea, and yours looks amazing. The metal numbers contrast really well with the felt and the branches. I kind of want to make this right now!

  8. says

    The blister on your thumb knuckle was definitely worth it because your wreath is beautiful! I think my favourite part is the metal house numbers. If they had been done with something else I don’t think it would have had the same overall effect.

    All the best,

    Claire @

  9. says

    This is so beautiful! I love the colors you chose with the pop of yellow…and the combo with the metal numbers. Perfect!! This wouldn’t be necessarily easy for me, but if you have any super simple projects or tips you’d like to share I’m hosting a link party today with a few fellow bloggers. I’d be great to see you linked up. :)

  10. Debbie says

    I love this and would like to make it for a house warming gift. Do you have a pattern for the flower? I’m not real crafty.
    Thank you.


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