This is just a quick post to explain why I haven’t been around as much.  I had some posts lined up, but really haven’t been feeling very social lately.  After the SYTYC contest ended, I had the fundraiser and then the craft show and I was pretty burnt out.  As in, sit on the couch and do nothing but play Scramble With Friends sort of burnt out.

On top of that, we find out my father is sick.  So between being tired and being worried, I’ve found excuses to avoid writing.  Blogging is such a social activity; writing to share with others requires putting yourself out in the world, and all I’ve wanted to do is to crawl into a hole somewhere…and crochet….and maybe rewatch The West Wing…or LOTR (which I did – the extended version, and the making-of discs as well).  You never really think it’ll happen to you, but when cancer rolls into your life, nothing is really the same afterwards, is it?

My parents are away, seeking treatment, and I miss them terribly.

From the little things, like not being able to Skype with them, to scary things like getting myself checked for genetic issues, there’s just more on the mind these days.  This is the time to be making plans for the holidays, and I don’t know how.  How do I make plans when I don’t know what next week will bring?

I have another craft show in December to get ready for, and with work being stupid and family issues that I don’t want to think about, crocheting has been my way out.  If only I can crochet and watch Korean soap operas all day, right?

I wasn’t even sure if I should share this news, but here it is, my truth, as much as it makes my heart heavy.  But I think sharing and accepting will enable me to get on with the happy chirpy posts that I wanted to write about, like my Cream Soda tasting, and my plans for the attic, and the new crochet goodies I’m putting together.  So, to not be a total downer, here’s some big J cuteness for you, because a post can’t be without a picture!

We had a photo session with Hendrick Moy Photography last month, and I’m loving the results.  Check out his post for more photos!




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  1. says

    Adorable boy and incredible photo composition. I love that you guys are in the background (I’m assuming those small figures in the background are you and the hubs)

    I’m sorry your family is facing rough times. I wish I had some profound or inspirational words to share with you, but I don’t. Just know that your readers are thinking and praying for you and that you don’t always have to be “chirpy.” It takes guts to share your vulnerable side with online strangers and I commend you for keeping it real.

  2. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble that has fallen upon your family. I wish your father and whole family well. I truly hope all turns out for the best.

  3. says

    I’m not surprised you feel anti social. My boyfriend’s mum was diagnosed in January. Months of treatment later she got the all clear. We took it one day at a time, faced news as it came and tried to retain as much normality for her as possible. The prognosis for the all clear seemed slim. Don’t be afraid to hope. Xx

  4. says

    May you find encouragement each day in the little things you do as you are surrounded with some of the sadder times in life. I hope your father gets better. Love the photo your family.


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