Crochet Beaded Friendship Bracelet


I have gotten a few requests to put up a pattern for the crocheted beaded friendship bracelets I posted about a while back.  I wasn’t sure about the implications of posting something that I figured out from staring at Etsy photos, but after some thought, I don’t think that’s too different than staring at Pinterest photos and doing your own spin on things.  Plus, being vague about the general concept of the bracelet didn’t seem to work, so  I’m over the guilt, but I’ll let you know if the patent police come after me.

For an intro on this project, check out my previous post.

One Dog Woof: Crochet Beaded Friendship Bracelet



2.5mm crochet hook
6 strand embroidery thread
30 size 6 glass beads
large sewing needle small enough to go through the beads


sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain
st: stitch

Thread 30 seed beads onto your embroidery floss.

Row 1: Leave a 7-8 inch tail.  Ch. 39. Turn

Row 2: Sl st in back ridge of the 2nd ch from hook.  Sl st in each chain across.  Turn.

Row 3: Ch. 1.  Sl st in each of next 4 st. Sl st a bead in each of next 30 st. Sl st next 4 st.  Turn.

The bead part isn’t as hard as it sounds.  Push each bead tightly to the work before inserting your hook into the stitch to complete the slip stitch.  The bead should now be on the right of your hook, while the unused beads continue to be on the left of the hook.  (for right handers)

Row 4: Ch 1. Sl st in each st across.  Leave a 7-8 inch tail and fasten off.

One Dog Woof: Beaded Friendship Bracelet

Now you have the body of the bracelet with a two tails on the same side of the bracelet.  Now cut 3 lengths of embroidery floss, each about 14-15 inches (twice the length of a tail).  Loop one of the strands on the end with the tails, and loop the other two strands on the other end,so you have 4 “tails” on each end of the bracelet.  You can use a lark’s knot or just tie it however you need to secure it to the body.  Now work a 4-way braid on each end.  The length of the braid is up to you – it’ll depend on whether you want to make the bracelet adjustable or just tie the ends together.  If you want to make the ends adjustable, you’ll have to create a macrame knot (or a series of square knots) to hold the two ends together.

One Dog Woof: Crochet Bracelet with Beads

For mine, I ended the braids with a knot, added a couple more beads and tied another knot to hold them in place.  The finishing touches are completely up to you!

One Dog Woof: Crochet Bracelet

One Dog Woof: Crochet Beaded Friendship Bracelet


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  1. says

    Don’t feel guilty! As I mentioned in an email a while back, I figured it out too and my pattern is almost identical to yours, only I did 41 chains (with a five stitch buffer on both ends) and after the initial row of sl st instead of just turning it I flipped it so I was working in the bottom of those stitches. It pulls tighter for me for some reason that way – I end up with weird loopies if I follow yours.

  2. says

    LOVED your intro paragraph . . that is what I felt for so long. THEN, I decided that the only original patterns were the ones form the people who first discovered how to crochet . . and everything else is just a variation on that theme.

    I always seem to find my own inspiration from the patterns of others . . kind of like, “Oh, I like that but I would REALLY like it done this way.” And off I go :)

    LOVE reading your blog, by the way :))))

    • says

      I agree. My grandmother could look at anything and figure out the pattern.
      If I follow a pattern, I give credit where it is due, but if I figure it out, it is mine.

  3. says

    Do you have any other photo tutorials for this awesome bracelet? I am really interested to show my daughter how to make. The single crochet tutorial is what I am talking about that would help me more. I will try again, I don’t know why I am having a brain block on this one.???? ugh. Great job. I love your blog and have followed it previous to this post.

  4. says

    Hi ChiWei, Couple quick questions for you :) For Row 2: are you slip stitching in the back ridge the whole way across or just the first stitch? If just in the first stitch are you slip stitching top loop only for the rest, or through both loops? For Row 3: For the remainder of the slip stitches are you going through both loops? Or top loop only? I’m struggling a bit – probably because my hands feel so big holding such a small hook and floss! My fingers are pink from the embroidery thread too…I never released the colour would leach like it does! These bracelets are beautiful and I am hoping to make my daughter and I matching ones. Thank you for your help! Rhondda

  5. Jess says

    So I found this tutorial a couple of days ago and tried making a bracelet. I finished it but it’s all bunched up. Do you crochet loosely? Is there any chance you’d be able to make a video?


    • says

      I hope to get in the business of making videos soon, but I don’t have any yet. The slip stitch is a pretty tight stitch so yes, you do have to crochet it pretty loosely, especially the first chain row. That’s where I find I work the stitches too tightly by accident and the rest of the rows get looser and then the whole thing comes out crooked. :-)

  6. Stephanie B says

    I just made one of these and it looks great. Thanks for the pattern! I do have one question: is there something I should do to keep the macrame knot from coming undone? I feel like there’s nothing really keeping it from untying.

  7. Violet Park says

    Simple but Great!
    May I introduce your pattern via my blog?

    If you agree, I’d like to translate this pattern into Korean.

    Thank you.

  8. Heleen says

    Hi there,

    Love your work!! Just one question.. I’m dutch so it’s a bit a difficulty for me to follow the US pattern. I have the bracelet finished so far, but how to make the adjustable ends? Greetings, Heleen

    • says

      The ends are braided, and then I use a macrame square knot to create a loop around both of the braids. Since the braids are knotted at the end, once the loop around them is secure, neither end can fall out of the loop.

  9. says

    Hi Chiwei,

    Love your bracelets! (“,)

    Am not sure what I’m doing wrong, but the beads are not coming out straight no matter how tight I pull them. Do you know what the problem might be?


    • says

      Hi Thandie, the few times I’ve had my beads come out crooked, I think I pulled them too tight, actually, so that they were too close together. If I crochet them on a bit loose, they seem to have a bit more room to wiggle and I can sort of line them up a bit straighter. Sorry that’s not too much help!

  10. Tara says

    Love this! I can’t tell you how long I have spent looking at those Etsy pictures either. If you winged it and made it yourself those patent police have nothing to go on! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kristy says

    I found your post and thought I would give it a try. Mine looks awesome however.. I am having a hard time finishing it off.

    When you say loop one of the strands on the end with tail… do you mean just loop it through anywhere?

    Are you braiding and then tie the sliding knot?


  12. says

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