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Yes, I know it’s been a loooong time since I asked for some feedback via a little blog survey, and I have finally FINALLY put the results together into something that’s easy to read.  Yes, I love color, can you tell?  And charts are easy to understand.  As I went through my questions and read the answers, sometimes I wondered why I asked such a uselsss question when the answer was so obvious.  Other times I was surprised at some of the trends I was seeing.  Either way, your input is endlessly inspiring to me!

2013 Blog survey results |

What type of posts do you like and would like to see more of?  No surprise on the crochet patterns really, but definitely raised my eyebrows when I saw how high the “Family life” and “personal trials” ended up ranking.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since that’s the key to knowing me, right?  I have noticed that I’ve written a lot of search friendly posts and not very many personal posts, so I want to vary it up a bit.  A part of me will always be hesitant about writing too much and posting family photos, and a part of me always wants to show off the cuteness I have at home.  Here, I couldn’t resist.


I bought myself a camera remote, so now I have more reason to you know, actually get changed in the morning and (gasp!) put on makeup and take some self photos.  The first thing I learned as a new stay-at-home mom was that I could stay in my pjs all day.  But really, too much of that and I just feel slummy and gross.  Clean, but still slummy and gross.  And now, add to that my newly acquired buddha belly, I feel slummy, gross and a bit fatty.  So, hopefully taking photos (fashion photos?!) of myself will force me to get my act together and be more presentable!

2013 Blog survey results |

How do you hear about new posts?  Even with the news that Facebook is showing less of the stuff you want and more of the ads you don’t want, it seems most of you still get your updates through Facebook.  So do I!  I get all my celebrity deaths and world events news from Facebook.  You think I’m kidding?  Peter Jennings was my man back in the olden days, but now I get my news from my friends.  Since email subscriptions also seem to be a popular choice, make sure you’re on the bandwagon by subscribing here.

2013 Blog survey results |

Why do you like reading my blog? First of all, total bummer that this chart wasn’t completely dominated by “Because I’m awesome!”, because well, I am!  Totally shameless, I know.  But feeling good that you’re here to get inspired, as I am inspired by all the wonderful women I see and meet in the blogging world!

2013 Blog survey results |

How do you read my blog?   It struck me as important that many of you read through the email subscription.  It surprised me a bit actually, since I can’t imagine having to sort through all my emails to read my favorite blogs.  But that’s just me.  And since “mobile site” ranked so low, you might not have noticed that when I cleaned up the look of the blog earlier this year, I also added mobile responsiveness to the site as well, so it should be easier to read on mobile devices now.  In case you want to fix up your mobile responsiveness, here’s a site I used to test the responsiveness on several different mobile devices.

2013 Blog survey results |

How do you interact in the community?  I love how the “I don’t interact” ranked higher than Twitter.  There are some days where I just refuse to interact as well.  You know, those “I know the sun is out, but please can you tell me of a dark hidey hole I can crawl into and let me know when it’s tomorrow?” days.  But for those days when we do want to chat and share, I’ll see you on Facebook and Google+!

2013 Blog survey results |

Are there specific blogging tips you’d like me to cover?  I did write up several blogging tips and tutorials, but that doesn’t seem to be exactly what you’re looking for, is it?  I guess this ties in with wanting to hear more about me, my thoughts, my trials, my inspirations.  You got it!  I’ve got all sorts of random thoughts careening uncontrollably through this mess I call a brain, so there’s plenty to share.  These insights are awesome, I tell ya.

2013 Blog survey results |

What speaking style do you prefer?  Ok, this was the question that had me dropping my head to the desk and wondering why the heck I even asked it in the first place?  Why didn’t I ask some other well-thought-out question that would have given me priceless information on how to make my blog bigger and better?  Instead, this?  Of course you want a chatting style!  Just looking at this chart again makes me want to face-palm.

2013 Blog survey results |

What are your reasons for blogging?  I like it.  A little of everything.  But mostly, for self satisfaction and to share with others.  It’s joyful, it’s hopeful, it’s community building, it’s friendship making, it’s rainbows and unicorn farts.  They expel glitter, by the way, in case you didn’t know already.  So, rainbows and glitter, sweetly scented, easy-to-clean-up glitter.

We’ll have to do this again soon, friends.  And maybe I’ll think up even better questions the next time around!  For now, there’s enough good information here to help me refocus my writing style, my writing topics, and my engagement with the larger community.  Thank you so so much for all the support you show me every day and every post.  Who da thunk a random diaper cake post would have led to this?

In the spirit of asking questions, is there anything you’d like to know about me?  My thoughts, my favorite jokes?  Ok, not my favorite jokes, because I’m bad bad bad at jokes.  Leave a comment with a question for me and I’ll do a bit of sharing!


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  1. says

    Love that squishy baby photo! And I, for one, love seeing down-to-earth mom style posts (which is why I started doing them myself, too!). The big shot fashion blogs do nothing for me at all (they’re pretty, I guess, but I look at style/fashion blogs for ideas that can actually help me get dressed), but I really do enjoy the posts from regular moms and/or working ladies who have regular clothes and regular budgets and seeing what they choose to add to their wardrobes and how they make the most of their closets. So you have my vote :-)

    • says

      That’s so true – I’ve stumbled across some fashion blogs and can only thing – wow, how do they afford to dress like that all the time? It’s just me and my Old Navy here. I bought a pair of coral colored maternity pants and I thought that was soooo risque for me, but I ended up loving it! I have to figure out how to turn maternity pants into normal pants now so I can keep wearing them!

  2. says

    ChiWei, I have to say, I know we talked about voice before and your struggle to find it – – but somehow you managed to have an EXTREMELY strong voice in a post about survey results. Seriously, it made me smile it was so chat-tastic. Girl, you’ve got your groove back. (Although I’m not convinced you ever lost it.)

    Also, I, too, love that more folk don’t interact than interact on Twitter. Makes me feel better about myself.

    • says

      Chat-tastic – love it! I’m not sure why this post was easy for me to write, maybe because I’ve stewed on it for so long, or maybe because it was all about my reactions to the results themselves and you don’t have to “edit” a reaction, you just …react! Thanks for all the support Lauren, you know it means a ton!

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