Happy Hump Day!



Good:  Taking homemade bubble tea to work today in a Nalgene bottle.

Bad:  Forgetting the big straw to get to the bubbles.

Good:  Drank it anyways – got LOTS of caffeine from the Thai iced tea.

Bad:  LOTS of caffeine on a hectic day at work.  I think I’m starting to shake.


Bad: Keyboard on my workstation breaks down in the middle of the day, so I shut down all my programs.

Good: Handy hubby works one aisle away and comes to fix it, and I start over with a fresh new desktop.


Bad:  Everyone all up in my grill to get things done YESTERDAY, like ants crawling up my pants.  Sounds attractive, yes?  Aren’t you just itching to share the experience?

Good:  Lots of things to do means I still have a job.


Good:  Getting the leaky tire fixed on my car today, so I am once again mobile and can go to Joann Fabrics.

Bad:  No longer being chauffeured around like a kept woman.


Good:  Replaced the batteries in my wireless mouse, so I don’t have to work using that stupid little red button in the middle of my laptop.

Bad:  No batteries left for Josh’s bedtime singing seahorse = long, noisy, cranky bedtime.



Good:  Work day is almost over!


Bad:  Working late tonight.

Good:  Hard stop at 7pm for a Farm meeting.

Bad:  I’ll miss seeing my bubs.

Good:  Going home to the sounds of Skyrim, AND a roaring fire, AND an angelic sleeping baby, having missed the long, noisy, cranky bedtime. :-)



Happy Hump Day?!  Happy that Happy Hump Day is almost over!





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    Haha you crack me up! I found you through your guest post on Blissful and Domestic and I’m your newest follower! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi,

    P.S. I have a seahorse for both of my girls (one pink,one blue so they don’t get mixed up) They are 2 yrs and 6 months old and they both LOVE them… I absolutely HATE when the batteries run out so I can relate about the cranky bedtime :S

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